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Wear name-brand clothes and become a fashion star


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Covet Fashion - Shopping Game is a casual game where you can create your own avatar and buy all types of clothes for it, including dresses, shirts, pants, and accessories. The best thing about it: all the clothing brands are real.

One of the most entertaining features in Covet Fashion - Shopping Game is its social aspect. Once you choose a hairstyle, clothes, shoes, and makeup, you can send your avatar to a contest. At that point, the rest of the players can vote for your good (or bad) fashion style. Naturally, you can also vote for other people's avatars.

The interface in Covet Fashion - Shopping Game is similar to any other typical fashion app, except this is a video game. The money you earn within the game can be spent only inside the game, but you can also use real money to buy more items if you want to.

Covet Fashion - Shopping Game is a fashion game with lots of possibilities, tons of content, and nice graphics. Its big online community always has plenty of avatars to vote on, new clothes to buy, and challenges to beat.
By Beatriz
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